Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweep Picking part Two!!

As always, thankee kindly for your awesome comments! So since I covered general sweeping form, its time to get into the actual shapes!

A shape is just a movable pattern whose root note changes whenever the shape is moved up and down.  A root note is the first note in whatever scale/ chord the sweep is based off of.  Thats most of the theory you'll need for now.

Since I am lazy, I don't want to make a 3 string and a five string sweep tab.   So I will just have the five string, and you can just use the last three strings from it for your easier three string version. And without further rambling, here is a C major sweep:

I also added its counterpart, the C minor.  Major= happy, Minor= Sad.

The root note is the 15, or C.  Get it?? C major sweep has a C as its root!
That would mean that a D major sweeps root would be?? Thats right!  A D!!

Any questions and stuff, feel free!! Tomorrows lesson will cover how to make your own sweeps, and possibly sound examples.

As always,

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  1. Thanks alot mate! Still reading this and practicing playing all the time!

  2. oh nice...I've been looking for ut's llike this..i just bought myself a pretty nice acoustic from for like a 100 bucks and its holding pretty well. I played piano for ages but haha the skills dont seem to corss over much into this...The Tut's are helpful in getitng down the basics Cheers.

  3. Thanks for the information, now I can test this out.

  4. Great tip, thanks.

    Keep em coming!

  5. wow, guitar blog really brings me back... don't know if i'll ever play again, tho, i wasn't any good...

  6. Sweep picking is a worthless skill to have.

  7. Thanks, I'm also learning to play guitar. =)

  8. Sweep picking is pretty hard, especially if you try to sweep back to the original note.